S.A.N.T.A.'s Toyshop (Trader's Flat)
StartHope Kringle
EndHope Kringle
Rewards500 Experience
9x Candy Cane
1x Nice Red Gift Box
ChainS.A.N.T.A.'s Toyshop (Trader's Flat)
S.A.N.T.A.'s Toyshop (Trader's Flat)(2)
Time LimitUnlimited
SectorKaibab Forest
AreaTrader's Flat
Requirement(s)Level 30
These party crackers are a huge hit with the locals! don't know if it's the shiny sparkle of the tinfoil or pop from the gunpowder when you open them, but people are going nuts over these things. I thought I'd have enough, but I'm already out of stock.

Could you help collect a few things I need to make some more?
MissionVTell me more.
MissionXNo thanks.

S.A.N.T.A.'s Toyshop
Mission-0/5 Common Fasteners
Mission-0/10 Tinfoil
Mission-0/5 Heavy Gunpowder
Mission-Return for your reward

Hope Kringle in Trader's Flat wants you to gather items she can use in making party crackers.
500 Experience
Items you will receive:
9x Candy Cane
1x Nice Red Gift Box



Thanks! I've already got orders for more!



  • This mission was only available during the 2009 and 2018 First Night event.
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