Salvager Summit
StartSylvia Anderson
EndUpon killing the Salvager Boss
TypeGroup Mission
Rewards500 Experience
85 Chips
1x Leather Strap
ChainOdenville Chamber of Commerce
Bushwhack the Ambuscade
CHOTA Liasons
Eye of the CHOTA
Dusty Boots
The Muster
Red Sky in Mourning
Coming to a Head
Business or Pleasure?
Salvager Summit
Salvager Summit (2)
Digging Odenville
Time LimitUnlimited


Negotiated with the Salvager Boss


Talk to the Salvager Boss.


Sylvia Anderson: Well we got through to the Salvagers. They want a meeting to settle what they're calling salvage rights. Since you have a serious reputation, I want you to represent Odenville at the meeting. They must not interfere in our business; all salvage within two miles of Odenville is ours, and that's final. Tell them we are willing to trade with them if they play by our rules. Oh and don't expect safe passage into their camp, the Salvagers you've killed got friends. Got it?


I can do that.


Salvager Boss: You think you can come here with demands? You think you're tough jsut because you killed some of my guys? You think we'd just leave because you put some skulls on sticks to scare us? Odenville will be ours and no amount of CHOTA or clones can stop that. This isn't a negotiation. After I kill you and you crawl back out of the vat they birth you in, tell Sylvia and her pals to leave Odenville or die.


So are you saying we don't have a deal?


Now that the Salvager leader is dead let Sylvia know what happened.

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