Scattered Sheep
StartHannah Fisk
EndRobert Fisk
Rewards50 Experience
Time LimitUnlimited
AreaRest Stop


Find Robert Fisk


Hannah Fisk in Rest Stop wants you to locate her husband Robert and make sure he is all right.


Hannah Fisk:

It was awful! All those clone zombies spilling out of the mine. They attacked everyone! My husabnd Robert and I watched helplessly as they broke into the sheep pen and took bites from our prized sheep. Some of the poor things were able to flee, thank God, but my husband is so protective of them, he ran out to the fields to find the survivors. He's been gone a very long time now, and I'm worried that something's happened to him. Please see if you can find him!


I'm okay, but I've only found a few of our sheep. If we don't get them back, we won't have enough food to make it through the winter, and no lambs in the spring.

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