Group Mission IconSend in the Clones
StartDarryl O' Riley
EndUpon destroying the Weapon Caches.
TypeGroup Mission
FactionFranklin's Riders
Rewards600 Experience
+500 Franklin's Riders Faction
ChainSend in the Clones
Where are the Clones?
There Ought to be Clones
Don't Bother, They're Here
Time LimitUnlimited
SectorKaibab Forest
AreaWilloughby's Garage
Requirement(s)Level 35


Send in the Clones
Mission-Destroy 5 Weapon Caches.

Darryl O' Riley at Willoughby's Garage wants you to gather a team to destroy the Displacer Weapon Crates at the Displacer Compound. he will contact you via radio for further instructions.
600 Experience
+500 Franklin's Riders Reputation



Thank goodness you're here. We could use a clone.
Mission-What's up?
MissionXI can't handle desperation right now.

We responded to reports of bandits on this road. When we got here, we followed their trail. They ambushed us. Those of us who made it back to this garage are lucky to be alive. We had to leave behind some of the finest men I've ever worked with.
Mission-How'd they manage to get the jump on you?
Mission-Cut to the chase. What do you want me to do?
MissionXI'm not in the mood for another cloning today.

They were very well organized, well armed, and they had some sort of mutants with them. Some of them moved so fast that they seemed to dodge our bullets. One time it felt like I ran into a brick wall...or more precisely a brick wall ran into me.

We got away by sheer luck.
Mission-What do you want me to do?
MissionXI'm not in the mood for another cloning today.

Not just you. Clone or no clone, you're going to need a team for this.
Mission-Got it. What do you want US to do?
MissionXI'm not in the mood for another cloning today.

We need to retrieve some of our deliveries, but first, I want you to destroy their weapon and ammo containers. Hopefully that;ll hold them back a bit. I'll keep in contact you via radio to give you the locations of the containers.
MissionVGot it.
MissionXI changed my mind, Darryl.


Send in the Clones
You've destroyed a significant portion of their armory.

<OVER THE RADIO> Darryl O'Riley: "Good work. That should be enough. Next, I need you to retrieve some lost packages."
600 Experience
+500 Franklin's Riders Reputation


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