Shore It Up
StartDavid Porter
EndUpon using the Recovered Cinder Block
Mission ItemsRecovered Cinder Block
Rewards50 Experience
ChainHold Your Head Up
In the Doghouse
Shore It Up
Shore It Up (2)
Time LimitUnlimited
AreaWatchtower Mine


1. Bloster mine


David Porter in Watchtower wants you to head back into the mine near town and bolster the structure using the blocks.


David Porter: I guess we shouldn't be surprised the mine is falling apart. It was built more than a century ago as a miliary arsenal and ammo dump for GlobalTac.

Player: GlobalTac? Don't you mean GlobalTech?

David Porter: No, but the confusion is understandable. GlobalTech owned the Grand Canyon Province, but GlobalTac was a paramilitary subsidiary of GlobalTech. A private army, basically.

Player: So Watchtower is the GlobalTac headquarters?

David Porter: Nah. Back before the Fall, they called this place Watchtower Three. GlobalTac has quite a few outposts scattered around the Province.


I don't need a history lesson. What's next?


This ought to stabilize the mine for a while.

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