Side Effects (3)
StartBrother Paul Kelly
EndUpon killing Thaddeus Cerny
Rewards1x Cerny's Sickening Blade
ChainContaining the Contagion
Containing the Contagion (2)
Containing the Contagion (3)
Side Effects
Side Effects (2)
Side Effects (3)
Escalating the Issue
Escalating the Issue (2)
Time LimitUnlimited
AreaNorth Burb


Talk to and kill the Murderer


Side Effects
Follow the blood trail to find the murderer.



What have we here? A brave little clone? What brings you out to my... palace?
Mission-Who are you?

Thaddeus Cerny. More than that I don't need to bother telling you.
Mission-WHAT are you?

I bore of this conversation. Why are you here?
Mission-You killed someone.

I've killed a lot of people. I could kill you. Not that it would really matter.
Mission-Why did you kill Manny?

Manny? Oh, right. That Blade Dancer weasel. He knew more than he should have, and was too stupid to know when to close his mouth.
Mission-Why are you feeding North Burb poisoned grain?

That feed plant is not poisonous!
Mission-What is it if it's not poison?

It's good food for good people. Not like the poisons YOU people grow.
Mission-You switched the town's grain with your own grain?

Nice two-for one, if you ask me. We get humans to grow our food, and they die before eating it all. It serves two of our goals. And what happened to the chickens was a nice, happy side effect.
Mission-You're sick.

It's been fun and all, but I think it's time for you to die.
MissionV(Defend yourself)

Side Effects
The creature crumples at your feet. You hear a hissing as his life support system attempts to push air into broken lungs.


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