Snipe Hunt (2)
StartBing Tangelo
EndBing Tangelo
Rewards500 Experience
100x Cheap Ammunition
1x Tainted Meat
ChainSnipe Hunt
Snipe Hunt (2)
Snipe Hunt (3)
Time LimitUnlimited
AreaDepot 66


1. Kill Snipe

2. Return for your reward


Snipe Hunt
Bing Tangelo near Depot 66 wants you to hunt down and kill Snipe, leader of the Gully Dog bandits that threaten the town.



Hey, hope you're keeping your weapons clean and your nose dry, <player>. Wait, no, that's not how that goes...anyway, good to see you again. I've got somethign else for you to do to the Gully Dogs.
Mission-I dealt with those bandits, so I'm ready for another gig.

Great. The guy leading the local Gully Dogs is named Snipe. I want you to track him down and kill him.
Mission-Snipe? Seriously? First you pitch oceanfront property in the middle of the desert and now you're trying to send me hunting for snipe? How stupid do I look?

Hey, I'll grant that the whole Malibu thing is less than on the level, but I wouldn't lie about Snipe. That's his last name. His first name's Francis. he HATES that name, so everyone calls him Snipe. Well, everyone who doesn't end up with their head on a pike. So, whaddya say?
Mission-All right, all right. I'll kill this Snipe guy.


You took him out?
MissionVYep. Snipe's dead.

Snipe Hunt
You chop off the head, the chicken runs around like crazy for a bit until it falls over dead. Just a matter of time! Good work.


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