Social Climbing for Beginners
StartIan Neddles
EndPenelope Fellows
Rewards50 Experience
ChainWelcome to the Neighborhood
Not Our Kind of People
Social Climbing for Beginners
Scheduled Deliveries
Scheduled Deliveries
No Training Necessary
Can You Say Malpractice?
Unfortunate Side Effects
Someone to Blame
Not so Subtle Hint
Time LimitUnlimited
AreaSunshine Corners


Talk to Penelope Fellows


Ian Neddles in Sunshine Corners wants you to talk to Penelope Fellows at the Sunshine Corners Clinic.


Thanks so much for helping me out. You're fitting in so well here already. I'll bet Penelope Fellows could use some help. I know they're always really busy over at the clinic. So many people come here needing the Doctor's help, and she's his only assistant.
MissionVTell me more.


How kind of Ian to look out for me like that!

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