Some Assembly Required
StartKelly Smalley
EndKelly Smalley
Mission ItemsGas Canister
Rewards500 Experience
50 Chips
1x Bolster 3 Injector
ChainChat With CHOTA
Kang's Extra Chunky Soup
Visiting Vistas
100% Certified Organic Mutation
Learning from Lightbearers
Rather Disembodied
Educated by Enforcers
Suspicious Activity
Talking to Techs
Some Assembly Required
Trading With Travelers
Honor Among Thieves
Mutation Report Roundup
Time LimitUnlimited
AreaSunshine Corners


1. Obtain a Compressed Gas Canister

2. Return for your reward


Kelly Smalley in Sunshine Corners wants you to find a compressed gas canister for the injector.


Our mutations take advantage of the world around us. Enhancement is our way of absorbing resources and turning them into the tools we need. We're not afraid of technology the way some people are; some of us can communicate with nanite colonies in our bodies. We actually direct them to our advantage. The bio-injector you found in the warehouse will do the trick, if you can find a gas canister to power it. There should be some around here - the Devil's Own guys usually hoard stuff like that in their camps.
MissionVTell me more.


This one will work nicely.

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