Spare the Rod
StartFrida Blaine
EndFrida Blaine
Rewards500 Experience
400 Chips
ChainSpare the Rod
Spare the Rod (2)
Spare the Rod (3)
Time LimitUnlimited
Requirement(s)Level 25


Spare the Rod
Mission-Talk to and defeat Blake Vanderwall
Mission-Talk to and defeat Billy Suders
Mission-Talk to and defeat Chuck Harris
Mission-Return for your reward

Frida Blaine in Blaine wants you to terminate a deadbeat former tenant for her.
500 Experience
400 Chips



I try to be lenient with my tenants as possible, I really do. Bus as a Blaine, I have an example to set. The clause is right there in the lease, jsut as plain as day, right there in black and white. "Non-payment of rent for three consecutive months shall result in termination." How much plainer could I make that?

In any case, I've got four deadbeats who've gone well past the three-month limit. So I want them terminated. AS PER THE LEASE. You up for the job? If so, I'll send you toward the first one on the list.
MissionVTell me more.


What the hell do you want?
Mission-Frida Blaine sent me to, uh, execute the termination clause in your lease. But that seems pretty harsh to me. Can't you just pay her the money?

Oh, SCREW FRIDA BLAINE right in the ear! And screw you, too, you frigging metalneck gofer!
MissionVHave it your way.

Something I can do for you?
Mission-I'm afraid so. Frida Blaine has sent me to terminate you for nonMission-payment of rent.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, HOLD IT now! She wants me DEAD? Can't I just pay her the money?
Mission-Well, I would think so. I'm sure she'd rather get the cash than not. Do you have the money?

Naah, I was just pullion' your leg. I AM gonna kill YOU now, though.
MissionVEveryone's a comedian.

Oh, God. You're here on Frida's behalf, aren't you?
Mission-I am. So you know this is about the rent you owe her, right?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, look. I can pay you. Will that be okay? If I just give you the money?
Mission-I've heard this before. Do you REALLY have the cash?

Oh, totally! Let me just -- HEY LOOK OVER THERE! <Harris points with one hand and goes for a weapon with the other, but it seems to be stuck.>
MissionVOkay, now I'm losing my sense of humor.


Spare the Rod
Not bad, not bad. If my lazy husband had more people like YOU working for him, maybe he'd be more than a figurehead around here. But he's not. It's pretty much up to me to get things done, at least as far as our family's business goes. You ready for one more?
500 Experience
400 Chips


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