Spider Chow
StartNorman Vickersly
EndNorman Vickersly
TypeGroup Mission
Mission ItemsSticky Spider Egg
Gooey Spider Leg
Rewards500 Experience
140 Chips
ChainSpider Chow
Spider Chow (2)
Time LimitUnlimited
AreaSpider Hill


1.a Obtain 6 Sticky Spider Eggs
1.b Obtain 4 Gooey Spider Legs

2. Return for your reward


Collect some spider parts for Norman Vickersly at the Waffle Warehouse in Spider Hill.


Norman Vickersly:

I bet we could put a lot of these spiders to good use. There has to be a quality meal in there somewhere. Rather than leave all those rotting corpses around to breed disease, we could use them to feed the hungry and help save the local environment at the same time! Find me some spider parts and I'll get to work making up some new recipes!


Yeah these parts should work great. Doesn't smell very good now but once I get a few herbs going, it could end up being quite delicious.

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