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Stare into the Abyss
StartLt. Colonel Kilgore
EndLt. Colonel Kilgore
Rewards1000 Experience
+1500 Enforcer Faction
ChainStare into the Abyss
Private Fiefdom
Chemical Pacification
Bravo Zulu
Retrograde Action
Alpha Payback
Time LimitUnlimited
SectorAlpha County
AreaLt. Colonel Kilgore's Outpost


Stare into the Abyss
Mission-.pngTalk to and Defeat Binary
Mission-.pngTalk to and Defeat Stefan the Slugger
Mission-.pngTalk to and Defeat Darkhorse
Mission-.pngReturn for your reward

Fight Kilgore's POWs to prove your strength.


Well I'll be damned! A clone.."Enforcer." What brings you to my little paradise?
Mission-.pngI'm assigned to your unit.
MissionX.pngHold that thought.

Oh? You think so? Well I don't just take any grass-green Bulletstop that wanders my way. Especially a clone who might be one cycle shy of turning zombie.
Mission-.pngFair enough, I can prove myself if you like.

You will. Let's see how you handle yourself. We like to finish up Ops early and relax and enjoy a little entenainment. I think you'll be the main event this time.
"Main event?"
MissionX.pngSorry, I'll pass.

I'm sure you noticed our arena. We're entertained by our "guests".
Mission-.pngYou mean the prisoners?
MissionX.pngYeah, this is too shady for me. I'm out.

Prisoner is such a harsh word. I prefer "guest with modified liberty?" Plus, when they perform well, we reward them.
Mission-.pngSo what do you want me to do?

I know that clones don't really fear death. I'm more concerned with how they handle pain. If you prove to be resilient and entertain me, you may be worth having around. Fight in the arena. You don't have to pull any punches, we always have more "guests."
MissionV.pngI'll do it.
MissionX.pngHang on a minute.


Stare into the Abyss
You've entertained my boys, kept 'em from getting too restless. Okay, clone, you're in. Welcome to the outfit.
1000 Experience
+1500 Enforcer Reputation