Stay of Execution (2)
StartUpon completion of Stay of Execution
EndUpon completion
Rewards65 Experience
+1500 Enforcer Faction
ChainBruised and Bloodied
Bruised and Bloodied (2)
Bruised and Bloodied (3)
Bruised and Bloodied (4)
Bruised and Bloodied (5)
Stay of Execution
Stay of Execution (2)
Stay of Execution (3)
Slay the Executioner
Executioner Extinguished
Time LimitUnlimited
SectorKaibab Forest
AreaFarmland Defensive Post
Requirement(s)Level 39


Stay of Execution
Mission-Interrogate wounded CHOTA

Private Thimthy Carroll at the farmland defensive post southeast of Black Hill wants you to locate the leader of the Blood Horde CHOTA known as The Executioner. A wounded CHOTA in the large farmhouse by the granary may give you more information.
65 Experience
+1500 Enforcer Reputation



Stupid... clone... kill me.
Mission-Not yet, I want you to tell me where your leader is..
MissionXMaybe later.

Heh <cough>... you want to die so bad? I will kill you here... if I could still hold... my blade.
Mission-It's not me who will be dying. Tell me where The Executioner is.
MissionXI will be right back.

In barn... not always there... need to ring the bell. Heh <cough>... he will enjoy ripping your spine... out of your face.
Mission-That's all I needed to know.
MissionXI don't have time for this right now.

Kill me then, stupid clone... so I can dream... of your death.
Mission-Leave the CHOTA to die slowly.
MissionXTalk to him again later.


Stay of Execution
Now to make your way to the bell near the center of the farmlands.
65 Experience
+1500 Enforcer Reputation


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