Stolen Medicines
StartDoctor Daniel Mostov
EndUpon obtaining the Stolen Medical Supplies
TypeGroup Mission
Mission ItemsStolen Medical Supplies
ChainStolen Medicines
Stolen Medicines (2)
Stolen Medicines (3)
Stolen Medicines (4)
Time LimitUnlimited
AreaEmbry Crossroads
Requirement(s)Level 4


Obtain the Stolen Medical Supplies


Doctor Daniel Mostov in Embry Crossroads wants you to retrieve his stolen medical supplies from the Blade Dancers at Junk Fortress.


Doctor Daniel Mostov: Those bastards! I mean, I know they're raiders and stealing is what they do, but now they're stealing medicine. I had some really important medicines being shipped in, but the caravan was raided by the Blade Dancers. I really need those supplies! I know that it will be dangerous, but if you can find them I'd be really grateful. Without those medicines people are going to die.

They probably put most of it into storage somewhere in Junk Fortress. I can give you a list of what all they took. Try to find as much of it as you can.


You've found the first batch of medical supplies, but it does not include everything on the list.

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