Storm in a Teacup
StartSister Tonja
EndUpon interacting with the invoice.
Rewards500 Experience
ChainStorm in a Teacup
Storm in a Teacup (2)
Storm in a Teacup (3)
Storm in a Teacup (4)
Storm in a Teacup (5)
Time LimitUnlimited


Find Invoice


Sister Tonja in Haven wants you to find evidence that the Travelers have been moving Storm.


There's rumors that the Travelers to the south have been peddling different varieties of Storm. You can't just walk up to the counter and ask for some, or we'd surely have proof that they've been dealing. The poison makes your body stronger and your mind weaker... bad batches of the stuff even make you think you're stronger while making you just as crazy. I want you to go into their camp and find some proof that they've been receiving or distributing the stuff. They're in our territory, and I want the blight removed. In other words, once you've got proof, you can start acting on it right away.
MissionVTell me more.


There's an invoice here for some unusual shipments. It's been signed by Forks Weston. You should probably go confront him about it.

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