Sunset on a Crime
StartJonathan Ruthven
EndUpon killing the Crimson Initiate
Rewards500 Experience
ChainSunrise of a Mystery
Sunrise of a Mystery (2)
Sunrise of a Mystery (3)
High Noon Investigation
In Broad Daylight
Sunset on a Crime
Sunset on a Crime (2)
Time LimitUnlimited
AreaSunset Hill


Sunset on a Crime
Mission-Kill the Crimson Initiate

Jonathan Ruthven in Sunset Hill mentioned the Crimson Initiate. Killing him should disrupt the Cult of the Dead in the area for a time.
500 Experience



Ack! I, uh...what do you want?
Mission-Why are you so nervous?

I'm not nervous! I'm fine! Absolutely fine, never been better. Ha ha ha. Uhm.
Mission-They say confession is good for the soul. Why don't you give it a shot?
MissionXI'll be back. Don't go anywhere.

Don't kill me!
Mission-...wasn't planning on it.
MissionXDon't worry. I have better things to do.

I...I killed Mayor Hancock. I had to - the Pale Ones were going to kill ME if I refused. You just don't say no to them!
Mission-Tell me about the list I found in the mayor's home.
MissionXJust a second.

Mayor Hancock knew there was a spy in town. He was trying to figure out who the spy was, and my name was at the bottom of his list. I didn't want to get caught! You understand, don't you?
Mission-How long have you been working for the Cult of the Dead?
MissionXJust a second.

Many years now. Soon they'll make me as powerful as they are because the blood is the life, the blood is the life....
Mission-If you want to live, now's a good time to remember some useful information about them.
MissionXI'll be back. Don't go anywhere.

I know lots of things about them! I've been loyal, and they trust me with lots of important things. They take blood to make themselves strong, and it doesn't necessarily hurt the humans. Except for the mayor. He was an example to the rest of the town.
Mission-What can I do to weaken their hold on this aarea?
MissionXJust a second.

Uh, well, there's a cultist called the Crimson Initiate who carries blood from the cemetery to the temple. He's the only one allowed to touch the blood once it's been claimed, because the blood is the life, and it would be blasphemy for anyone else.
MissionVYou get to liMissionVe, for now. If any more townsfolk die, though, it's on your head.
MissionXI'll be back. Don't go anywhere.


Sunset on a Crime
You've eliminated the Crimson Initiate
Return to Hannah with the good news.
500 Experience


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