Suspicious Activity
StartKayla Anderson
EndKayla Anderson
Mission ItemsSunshine Corners Medkit
Rewards500 Experience
50 Chips
1x Disrupt 3 Injector
ChainChat With CHOTA
Kang's Extra Chunky Soup
Visiting Vistas
100% Certified Organic Mutation
Learning from Lightbearers
Rather Disembodied
Educated by Enforcers
Suspicious Activity
Talking to Techs
Some Assembly Required
Trading With Travelers
Honor Among Thieves
Mutation Report Roundup
Time LimitUnlimited
AreaSunshine Corners


1. Investigate Warehouse (~4537200, 4973700; obtain the Sunshine Corners Medkit)

2. Return for your reward


Kayla Anderson near Sunshine Corners wants you to search the boxes in the warehouse.


You want to know about our mutation? Well, we don't activate ours the way the Lightbearers or those socialist hippies do. We paid the Techs to make injectors that do it safely, with none of the side effects. We've got to be careful with them, though. There are freaks out there who don't want us to use our mutations. See, Suppression starts with strengthening yourself from within, and ends with shutting down other people's mutations. A lot of factions aren't comfortable with that. Here's the deal: I'll help you out if you'll take care of a small problem for me. One of our soldiers saw some Devil's Own guys screwing with the warehouse. Check it out for me and see if they left anything behind. If there are any Devil's Own there, kill them. I don't want any word of this getting back to their base.
MissionVTell me more


You have acquired: Sunshine Corners Medkit


Looks like some old medical supplies. I'll bet they were trying to steal more medicine. Good job soldier, I'll make sure the Union knows about this. Take this Bio-injector. You can use it to inject whatever mutant serum you end up making.

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