Technical Limitations
StartSpecialist Alberts
EndUpon destroying the Rock Formation
Mission ItemsGauss Meter
Rewards500 Experience
ChainTechnical Specifications
Technical Limitations
Technical Limitations (2)
Proof of Concept
Time LimitUnlimited
SectorKaibab Forest
AreaRothium Ridge
Requirement(s)Level 46


Technical Limitations
Mission-Follow the signal and use the Gauss Meter (at 5557200 5297200)
Mission-Follow the signal and use the Gauss Meter (at 5569800 5278000)
Mission-Follow the signal and use the Gauss Meter (at 5546200 5268300)
Mission-Follow the signal and use the Gauss Meter (at 5511300 5260000)
Mission-Find and recover a piece of the rock formation (at 5509700 5247300)

Use the Gauss Meter given to you by Specialist Alberts in Rothium Ridge to lcoate a rock formation and break off a piece of it.
500 Experience



This device here is a Gauss meter. It may not be the perfect instrument for locating these rock formations, but currently it's the best I have. If you're prepared to take on this contract I can allow you temporary use of this instrument without a deposit.

Just don't lose or break it. That would be...unfortunate, and would certainly conclude our dealings with you.

I want you to find the locations specified by the device and attempt to use it to locate another rock formation. Break off a piece of whatever you locate so that I can confirm the device is working as intended.
MissionVTell me more.
MissionXNo thanks.


Technical Limitations
A large chunk of the rock breaks apart as a result of your strike. Most of the rest of the formation crumbles.
500 Experience


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