Group Mission IconTerraform and Substance
StartGraham 922
EndGraham 922
TypeGroup Mission
Rewards1000 Experience
ChainTerraformulate a Question
Terraformulate an Answer
Terraform a Theory
Terraform and Substance
- Shut Down the Air System
- Kill Muskala
- Recover the LifeNet Data
- Find Muskala's Plans
War on Terraform
War on Terraform (2)
On Terraform Firma
Pitchblende In
Time LimitUnlimited
SectorKaibab Forest
AreaWasted Woods
Requirement(s)Level 46
Muskala can't be allowed to stay in the LifeNet facility. The toxic gas being pumped through the air system is likely a means to speed up the group's mutations and turn them into Changed. I can give you a data disk to use that will shut down the air flow. That should help you move more safely through the facility. The air system is wired to sound an alarm when the fans are forced off. I'm certain that will get Muskala's attention. You'll want to take a few friends with you for this, I think.
Mission-Anything else?
MissionXI need a minute.

Yes. Once you're ensured the facility is safe, use the data disk on the mainframe in the pod room. That will start a data transfer to make certain that we have all the information the facility may have collected. You see, some of the facilities, kept their own records that had to be accessed locally. After you've used the data disk, I also want you to see if you can find any other information about Muskala's plans. Again, I wouldn't be so foolish as to go this alone. Three or four friends should give you the firepower you need.
Mission-Shut down the air, kill Muskala, recover the data, find the plans. Got it.
MissionXMaybe later.

Terraform and Substance
Mission-Find the location
Mission-Use the data disk
Mission-Kill Muskala
Mission-Use the data disk
Mission-Learn Muskala's plans

Enter the old LifeNet facility north of Wasted Woods to kill Muskala and use Graham 922's recovery disk.
1000 Experience



The documents you found include Muskala's plan to sabotage the terraforming facility. The saboteurs will be moving slowly to remain stealthy. If you hurry, your party should be track them and thwart their attack.

During this mission you will get effect Chloroethyl Sulfide Gas inside lifenet pod.

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