Terraformulate a Question
StartGraham 922
Rewards500 Experience
ChainTerraformulate a Question
Terraformulate an Answer
Terraform a Theory
Terraform and Substance
- Shut Down the Air System
- Kill Muskala
- Recover the LifeNet Data
- Find Muskala's Plans
War on Terraform
War on Terraform (2)
On Terraform Firma
Pitchblende In
Time LimitUnlimited
SectorKaibab Forest
AreaWasted Woods
Requirement(s)Level 45


Terraformulate a Question
Mission-Talk to the Shiva's Favored Scout.

Graham 922 in Wasted Woods wants you to talk to a Shiva's Favored scout named Cosmin about Muskala.
500 Experience



Hello, I'm Graham 922. Graham 901 informed me about a letter one of the clones recovered recently. It detailed an argument between two Shiva's Favored about a part for the terraforming facility. Are you familiar with that letter?
Mission-That is correct. Have I made myself clear?
MissionXI need a minute.

Good. I'm concerned about Muskala, the Shiva's Favored that wanted to detroy the Sterilization Equalizer.
Mission-You think Muskala's a threat?
Mission-Maybe you should refresh my memory.
MissionXI'm not interested.

Possibly. Probably. If the Shiva's Favored damaged the facility enough, it could shut down and we'd be caught in the middle of a radiation zone.

Perhaps that's not such a dire prospect for you and me, but think about all the humans who have already entered the Deadfall. They'd be killed, and they don't come back.
Mission-So, you want me to find Muskala?
MissionXJust a second.

Yes. I've made contact with a Shiva's Favored who didn't try to kill me on sight. I thought that was promising! So, I want you to go talk to him and see what you can find out.
MissionXMaybe later.


As long as you remain civil, I'm willing to listen.
MissionVI'm looking for Muskala.
MissionXJust a moment.


Terraformulate a Question
I have no love for Muskala, but I also have no reason to help you.
500 Experience


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