Group Mission IconThat Which Remains to Be Seen
StartTom Edell
EndUpon finding the Wall Seeker(s)
TypeGroup Mission
Rewards500 Experience
20 Chips
ChainThat Which Remains to Be Seen
Seeking Retribution
Time LimitUnlimited
SectorKaibab Forest
AreaNothing Left
Requirement(s)Level 50


Mission-Find Wallseeker

Search south of Nothing Left to find out what happened to the pile of Torched Corpses here.
500 Experience
20 Chips



You're greeted by the acrid smell of charred flesh. There are no signs of a settlement here, but the corpes in this pile number enough for a small caravan. Judging from their tracks they were making fast time, obviously on the run from whatever go to them. Search the area and see if you can uncover any clues to their recent and grizzly demise.
MissionVTell me more.
Mission-No thanks.

That Which Remains to Be Seen
You can hear the men talking amongst themselves, celebrating after a successful track and extinguish. Sounds like the victims you found were runners from the other side of the Wall. They were just trying to find a better life for themselves and wound up dead.

Whoever these ruthless man-hunters are, referring to desperate refugees as "carriers," it's obvious: you ought to take them out.
500 Experience
20 Chips

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