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Master Archivist Curtis Wooten and Location on Map

The Archive Coalition (Northfields)
StartMaster Archivist Curtis Wooten
RewardsCollections - Northfields Books Knowledge
Time LimitUnlimited
AreaNew Flagstaff


You've learned about the Archive Coalition from Curtis Wooten in New Flagstaff.


Master Archivist Curtis Wooten: You sniffing around our books? You ever worked with the Archive Coalition before?

Player: That is correct. Have I made myself clear?

Master Archivist Curtis Wooten: Oh, good. Well, let me help you get your bearings with us in New Flagstaff. We're looking for some interesting new titles. Quinton Stone is our bookbinder. He can fill you in on the books we need for each Set.

Player: Great. Thanks!

Master Archivist Curtis Wooten: I'm glad you'll be working with the Coalition.


Tell me more.


No text.

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