The Awful Truth
StartLewis Wooley
EndLewis Wooley
Mission ItemsBlaine's Envelope
Rewards500 Experience
190 Chips
ChainThe Awful Truth
Vice is Verse Us
Carhenge II
The House on the Hill
Friends Like These
Guard Duty (Blaine)
Preferably Dead
Preferably Dead (2)
Preferably Dead (3)
Hail to the Chief
Treachery and Lies
Time LimitUnlimited


The Awful Truth
Mission-Find the Envelope
Mission-Return for your reward

Find the envelope hidden in Fabin Blaine's mansion for Lewis Wooley. Watch out for any guards stationed there.
500 Experience
190 Chips



Me and Brannick Hale go way back. WAY back. And I'd like to say it's a damn shame he's an outlaw now...but I can't. I look up to him, I swear I do. 'Cause he did what I couldn't. Turn your ears this way, kid, 'cause what I'm about to tell you ain't gonna come from me, you get me? Breathe a word and I'll deny I ever spoke to you before.
Mission-Yeah, I understand.
MissionXOh, that's real motivating. See ya.

Okay. It's like this: everybody in Blaine is TERRIFIED of the Bank. They pay us pretty well, see, and nobody bothers us, but there's a worm in this apple, and it sits in a plush office all day. You don't believe me, there's proof. I'm not about to stick my neck out for it, but if you want to, you can get it yourself.
Mission-What proof do you mean? Proof of what?
MissionXNo dirty work for me, thanks. Bye.

You'll see once you get it. There's an envelope with papers in it, and it's somewhere in Fabin Blaine's mansion. If you can sneak in there and get it, and bring it back to me, I'll spell out the whole thing for you. But BE CAREFUL. Fabin and his daughter are both lazy and clueless, but they might have a guard stationed in there.
MissionVYeah, all right. I'll do it.
MissionXYou can't be serious. I'm not sneaking around anywhere.


Did you get the envelope?
MissionXNot yet.

The Awful Truth
That's the one, all right. Hand it over.
500 Experience
190 Chips


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