The Business of Booze
StartErin Gray
EndErin Gray
Mission ItemsWeak Swill
Rewards500 Experience
127 Chips
ChainThe Business of Booze
The Business of Booze (2)
The Business of Booze (3)
Time LimitUnlimited
Welcome to the Watchtower Pawnshop! We gots all sorts of stuff that you need: weapons. whiskey, and tools. You want to buy something, just talk to my assistant Rudy. Or if you're feeling up for it, I've got some things I need a helping hand with.
Mission-What kind of things, and do they pay?
Mission-What sorts of goods do you carry?
MissionXI have to go now.

Mainly weapons, food, drinks, but really whatever I can find. Try not to overlap With Malone's business, but I can't avoid it sometime. You find something that might be valuable l'll give you a fair price for it.
Mission-I have other questions.
MissionXI have to go now.

I've got issues that you may be able to help me with. See, I sell whiskey in addition to weapons, and I get most of my stock from the caravans that were coming through town. The raiders here haven't been too competent until recently and always seem to have alcohol on hand. Anyhow, what With the blockade I can't get no more stock. If you happened to have a "run-in" with some raiders and happened to bring me whatever alcohol they've got on them, I'd be obliged. Probably not much more than cheap moonshine, but it's something. Try the camps south of here.
Mission!Take the raiders' hooch. Got it.
Mission-I have other questions.
MissionXI have to go now.

The Business of Booze
Mission-0/10 Bottles of Weak Swill

Erin Gray needs you to recover ten bottles of weak swill from the Night Wolves roadblock to the south of Watchtower.
500 Experience
127 Chips



I'm sure they'll pay more than enough to cover my costs.

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