The Clean-Up Crew
StartSebastian Strahan
EndSebastian Strahan
Rewards500 Experience
850 Chips
ChainPicking Up Pieces
The Next Piece
The Last Piece
Back to Strahan
The Clean-Up Crew
Looking for Results
Improving the Odds
Another Fine Mess
Listening In
Those in Power
Back with the Evidence
Process of Elimination
Someone Your Own Size
Time LimitUnlimited
SectorKaibab Forest
AreaWhite Crow Outpost (Deadfall)
Requirement(s)Level 48


The Clean-Up Crew
Mission-Find the location
Mission-Survive ambush (3 waves of 3 Redstone Ambushers)
Mission-Return for your reward

Sebastian Strahan in the camp near the Redstone outpost in Deadfall is putting the scanner together. He wants you to wait near some old run-down wind turbines while he works.
500 Experience
850 Chips


All right. Sit tight. It'll take a little while for me to put the finishing touches on the scanner. Once it's done, we'll have you get a reading on one of those improved super soldiers. But, look, can't have you hanging around here while I work. Go loiter near the old turbines.
MissionVTell me more.
MissionXNo thanks.


The Clean-Up Crew
Wow, you sure got someone pissed off, didn't you? Friends? Those look like Redstone guys. Mad scientist types. Emphasis on the mad, apparently. Hmm. I wonder if they know what you're up to?
500 Experience
850 Chips


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