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The Collar Gift
StartThumbs Valora
EndBlair Garnet
Rewards100 Experience
ChainA Falling Out
A Falling Out (2)
A Falling Out (3)
One Bird, Three Stones
The Collar Gift
The Next Phase
The Heist
Recovering the Stones
Completing the Scam
The Big Take
Tinker's Cut
Time LimitUnlimited
AreaThe Huddle
Requirement(s)Level 15
So, we got a bunch of rubies living out in a camp called the Huddle. The main mark is a woman named Blair Garnet. If you're up to it, I want you to convince her to buy these worthless gemstones.
Mission-.pngWe're ripping her off? I'm okay with that.
MissionX.pngI'm not interested in scamming anyone.

A Collar Gift
Mission-.pngTrick Blair Garnet into taking gems

Thumbs Valora in Credit Bend wants you to persuade Blair Garnet in a camp called The Huddle, north of town, to take some fake gemstones off your hands.
100 Experience

What have you got there?
Mission-.pngHey, don't start getting greedy. I found these, fair and square.
Mission-.pngYou want 'em? I'm trying to unload 'em.
MissionX.pngYou don't want these. They're fake.

Greedy? What the hell?
Mission-.pngThe Black Hood Gang won't ever miss 'em.
MissionX.pngMaybe we'll talk again some other time.

What? You robbed the Black Hood Gang? That's insane! They'll kill you!
Mission-.pngYou think? Damn it! Look, you take 'em. I can't stick around and if I try to sell 'em in New Flagstaff they'll kill me.
MissionX.pngI can't talk now. Sorry!

Exactly how much are those stones worth?
MissionV.pngEnough chips to see you and your friends through a lot of nasty winters in the ProMissionV.pngince. You're a lifesaMissionV.pnger. Thanks.
MissionX.pngSteer clear of these stones.


Those sure look shiny!