The Devil You Know
Rewards500 Experience
18 Chips
ChainThe Truth Lies Within
The Devil You Know
The Truth Lies Within (2)
A Pound of Flesh
The Truth Lies Within (3)
Thirst for Knowledge
The Truth Lies Within (4)
Code of Honor
Crucial Announcement
Crucial Announcement (2)
Time LimitUnlimited
AreaTerance LifeNet Bunker
Requirement(s)Level 2


1. Backup System activated

2. Return for your reward


The Devil You Know
TETRAX in Terance wants you to locate the damaged power hub and activate the backup routing system.



PROTOCOL 7475 Greetings, LifeNet unit.
Mission-Who are you?

I am LifeNet Artificial Intelligence Program 9.89, designation TETRAX. I am accessible from many terminals within this complex. I require your assistance.
Mission-Assistance with what?

Power hub 986 is malfunctioning. This malfunction registers on my positronic network if the synthetic neurons of my mind were being...burned.... It is not something that can be...maintained...without catastrophic system failure.
Mission-So what do I need to do?

There is a...backup system...that can be activated at the hub. It the power...and bypass the damaged connection. Please. Do this for me. Hurry.
MissionVOn my way.


Thank you, LifeNet unit. I am in your debt.
Mission-Yeah? Well then tell me this: what's the story with all these Diggers?

They are a defense mechanism. Not unlike your white blood cells. When the non-LifeNet units broke into this facility, I began generating the Diggers to dispose of them.
Mission-Okay, but why are they attacking ME?

They lack...finesse. Please forgive their chaotic nature. While I have your attention, though, there are other matters with which you can assist me.


The Devil You Know
Find me at another terminal and I shall provide further information. Follow the directions you were given, they will guide you.


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