The Dieseltown Mystery: Solved?
StartOllie Gumshoe
Mission ItemsMom's Diary
Rewards50 Experience
ChainThe Great Dieseltown Mystery
The Game's Afoot!
Elementary, My Dear Clone
If You Eliminate the Impossible
If You Eliminate the Impossible (2)
Whatever Remains, However Impro
...Must Be The Truth!
The Dieseltown Mystery: Solved?
No Shit, Sherlock
Time LimitUnlimited
SectorKaibab Forest


The Dieseltown Mystery: Solved?
Mission-Talk to Grimes

Ollie wants you to take her mother's diary to Grimes in Dieseltown and hope he doesn't have you shot.



I don't want him to be hung or killed or anything. I just want him to stop being like this. Mom wouldn't have wanted it, and he thinks I'm a disappointment because I didn't go into "the business" with him like she did. Wait... this here! This is her diary! Why was Rudy hiding this?
Mission-There must be a reason. What does the diary say?

Hmm...let's see.... Oh, I understand now. The last entries. They're all about how Mom wanted Dad to go into a legitimate business. Rudy didn't want to put their cash cow in jeopardy. As long as Dad is running the protection racket, they're on Easy Street. This is just the kind of thing I was hoping for! You need to get this book to my dad. Maybe it will shake him out of it. Make him realize what he's doing.
Mission-That's risky. Won't his men attack me if I come near Grimes's tent?

Not in the middle of town. And if they do, you can handle yourself. Besides, you with that collar thing...
Mission-While I can't die, I *do* feel pain, you know! Fine, fine. I'll do it.
MissionXI don't want to get involved in this right now.


You've got five seconds to tell me what you want. I was eating.
MissionVYour men have been hiding something from you.
MissionXI'll let you get back to that, then.

The Dieseltown Mystery: Solved?
Oh yeah? I suppose you have proof of this, if you're willing to say this right next to two gentlemen with bats.


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