Group Mission IconThe Dump, in Bloom
StartJohnnie Wilson
EndJohnnie Wilson
TypeGroup Mission
Mission ItemsUnusual Plant Samples
Rewards100 Experience
+500 Vista Faction
Choose one:
300x Light Pistol Ammunition
240x Medium Pistol Ammunition
180x Heavy Pistol Ammunition
Vista Harvesting Knowledge
ChainThe Dump, in Bloom
The Dump, in Bloom (2)
Time LimitUnlimited
AreaThe Dump


1. Acquire Unusual Plant

2. Return for your reward


Johnnie Wilson wants you to harvest an unusual plant from inside the Dump.


It's despicable how people have just left all of this trash and waste in a giant heap here, but one good thing did come of it. Seeds from some distant corner of the Grand Canyon Province fell here amidst the pollution, and those foreign plants have flourished since then. Collect some of those plants for me, and we'll find a use for 'em. They're mainly found in the part of the Dump that the giant tarantulas have overrun, so be careful.
MissionVTell me more.


The Dump, in Bloom
This sample is very curious. I think we can probably do something interesting with this, but a few more specimens would be great.


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