The Embry Job
StartFlynn Neville
EndUpon killing Shark
Rewards500 Experience
60 Chips
ChainThe Embry Job
The Embry Job (2)
The Embry Job (3)
The Embry Job (4)
Time LimitUnlimited
AreaEmbry Crossroads
Requirement(s)Level 5


Find Shark first


Flynn Neville wants you to retrieve a stolen bag of chips from one of three bank robbers named Blackhand, Shark, and Hector.


Flynn Neville: What? Oh, right. You picked a crazy time to show up--we just got robbed! Three guys came in here with guns and made off with one of our little safes. Wants to join the search? We'll take all the help we can get!

Player: Sure. Can you give me a description?

Flynn Neville: They're known around here. The ringleader, Blackhand, has tattoos all over his face. Real ugly guy. His sidekicks Shark and Hector were with him. Shark's got his hair all spiked up, and Hector was wearing a red cap. They split up after the robbery. I don't know which one has the chips on him. See if you can't bring them in alive. Nobody steals from us. I want them to HURT. You're welcome to whatever else they've got on 'em. I don't know how they plan to get the money box open without a key; it would take a sledgehammer at least.


I'm on it.


Shark: You want something?

Player: Neville at the bank sent me to bring you in. If you're smart you'll come quietly.


Yeah, right. I don't think so.


Shark sinks to the ground, choking up blood. There's no box on him, but he does have a few chips in his pocket.

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