The Enemy of My Enemy (3)
StartAustin Huff
EndUpon escorting Dak Jenkins to the waypoint.
Rewards500 Experience
20 Chips
ChainThe Enemy of My Enemy
The Enemy of My Enemy (2)
The Enemy of My Enemy (3)
The Enemy of My Enemy (4)
Time LimitUnlimited
Requirement(s)Level 2


1. Find Dak Jenkins

2. Escort Dak Jenkins to the waypoint


The Enemy of My Enemy
The LifeNet Manual is encoded and illegible. Austin Huff near Terance needs you to escort the tech, Dak Jenkins, to his group's camp to the northwest so the manual can be decoded.



I can't read this damn thing...but not to worry! We got a guy who can. I need you to make sure he gets to camp safe and sound. After you escort him to camp, talk to my boss, Don Novak. He'll want to meet the person who's been such a great help!
MissionVTell me more.


You don't look like a Gully Dog...whatever, let's get this over with.
Mission-Follow me.


The Enemy of My Enemy
Ah, quit looking at me like that. YES, this is a Gully Dog camp, and YES, I've been working with them. It's not because I wanted to!

Listen, these bastards were originally hired by Jacob Phillips to break into the LifeNet facility. They caused all this! I was stationed here by the Brenhauer Family to make sure the facility never went active again, and now I have to put up with these assholes if I want to get the AI shut down.

You got a problem with it, talk to Don Novak. He's in charge here. Hell, if you can take him out, I might be able to leave all this shit behind.


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