The Full Monty (5)
StartMontagh LaCroix
EndUpon acquiring the Enforcer Insignia
Rewards600 Experience
ChainThe Full Monty
The Full Monty (2)
The Full Monty (3)
The Full Monty (4)
The Full Monty (5)
The Full Monty (6)
Decoding Docuer
Decoding Docuer (2)
Decoding Docuer (3)
Decoding Docuer (4)
Affaire de Coeur
Affaire de Coeur (2)
Affaire de Coeur (3)
Time LimitUnlimited
SectorKaibab Forest
AreaDocuer's Court


The Full Monty
Mission-Acquire the Enforcer Insignia

Montagh LaCroix wants you to search the mercenary camp near Docuer's Court and look for an Enforcer insignia.
600 Experience



The Enforcers were not always the guardians of justice and law in the Province. Not all that long ago, they were responsible for terrible atrocities, acts that gained them a stigma they are working very hard to overcome. I had an inkling that these settlers might have either known Enforcers or been trained by them.
Mission-That's right. Their commander went mad.

Winston said that, eh? He may have inadvertently told you something he did not mean to share. If my theory is correct, the secret behind Docuer's Court is far more insidious than I would have suspected. I want you to speak to Alvin's "sick grandfather." I think he might be the clue we need to learn more. He's being kept in secure quarters.
Mission-Then how do I get in?

You said that the mercenaries were dressed in old Enforcer gear. Those uniforms should have borne patches or insignia of some kind. If you can acquire one of the insignia, you might be able to convince the guards to let you in. Search that mercenary camp and see what you can find.
Mission-Sounds good.
MissionXI'm not interested.


The Full Monty
The insignia is old and well-worn. It obviously was part of the regalia from the ex-Enforcers of Docuer's Court. Now take the insignia to town and use it to gain the trust of the guard and allow you speak with Alvin's "sick grandfather."
600 Experience


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