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The Goose is Getting Fat (Trader's Flat)
StartRanger Howard
EndRanger Howard
Rewards500 Experience
9x Candy Cane
1x Nice White Gift Box
ChainThe Goose is Getting Fat (Trader's Flat)
More Goose (Trader's Flat)
Time LimitUnlimited
SectorKaibab Forest
AreaTrader's Flat
Requirement(s)Level 30
We're very excited about this First Night celebration! In the spirit of the holiday season we're doing our part to spread cheer by feeding the needy. We got quite an extensive list of foods that people used to eat during the holidays, and we're doing our best to replicate them.
Mission-.pngOkay. Wh.at's on your list?
MissionX.pngNo thanks.

As far as we can tell, one of the most popular dishes was toast goose. I'm not exactly sure what a goose was, but it appears to have been some kind af bird. Since we can't get goose, I suppose prairie chicken or whatever other meat you can find will have to suffice.
Mission-.pngDid you say TOAST goose?
MissionX.pngI'm not interested.

The other important dish we heard about is blackened peas 'n collards. It was supposed to bring good luck or something for the coming year. I suppose blackened peas are just some kind af pea, but I have absolutely no idea what a collard is. Sounds kind of gross if you ask me. Anyway, we've come up with a recipe that should do the trick.
Mission-.pngIsn't that black-EYED peas?
MissionX.pngI don't want any part of this meal.

Blackened, black-eyed. Whatever. Not like anyone is going to know the difference. Anyway, if you're willing to help out with collecting some of the goods we need we'll stock you up with some of our recreated holiday feasts!
MissionV.pngSounds good.
MissionX.pngMaybe Later.

The Goose is Getting Fat
Mission-.png0/10 Questionable Meat
Mission-.png0/7 Questionable Vegetable
Mission-.png0/7 Questionable Water
Mission-.png0/5 "Oh Noes!" Hot Sauce
Mission-.pngReturn for your reward

Ranger Howard near Trader's Flat wants you to bring him some supplies to help make First Night dinners.
500 Experience
Items you will receive:
9x Candy Cane
1x Nice White Gift Box



This is wonderful! Now we'll be able to feed all of the needy people! We can always use more if you're still willing to help out.



  • This mission was only available during the 2009 and 2018 First Night event.