The Heist
StartThumbs Valora
EndBlair Garnet
Rewards100 Experience
ChainA Falling Out
A Falling Out (2)
A Falling Out (3)
One Bird, Three Stones
The Collar Gift
The Next Phase
The Heist
Recovering the Stones
Completing the Scam
The Big Take
Tinker's Cut
Time LimitUnlimited
AreaThe Huddle
Are you ready for what's coming next? Heh. 'Cause not sure Blair is.
Mission-What do you have in mind?
MissionXWe'll have to catch up later, Thumbs.

Well, don't know if you've heard, but some folks think you collar-wearing types are creepy. Freaks of nature and all that. Me? I see opportunities. I've partnered up with another guy. He's got a collar, just like you. His name is Max Tinker
MissionVUh-huh. What about him?
MissionXI've got other obligations to deal with right now.

He just strong-armed the stones away from Blair Garnet. Now, you and I both know those rocks are worthless. But we need her to think otherwise. Go talk to her. Tell her you want the stones bacl. When she breaks the news they were stolen, you agree to hunt max down, kill him, and bring back the stones for a reward.
Mission-Sure, sounds like a plan.
MissionXI'll think I'll pass.

The Heist
Mission-Talk to Blair Garnet

Thumbs Valora in Credit Bend wants you to head out to the Huddle and talk to Blair Garnet about the stolen gems.
100 Experience

I don't think I'd ever see *you* again.
Mission-Yeah, well, here I am. We need to talk.
MissionXHold that thought. We'll talk again some other time.


The guy came out of nowhere, saying he knew we had the stones. I didn't have any choice!

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