The Kaibab Omnibus
StartArchivist Lourdes Silva
EndArchivist Lourdes Silva
TypeRepeatable Mission
Mission ItemsThe Kaibab Omnibus
Rewards5 AP
Choose one:
2x Standard Antibiotic
2x Salvaged Carbon Steel
2x Salvaged Ceramic
ChainThe Kaibab Omnibus
It's Lourdes, not Linda!
Time LimitUnlimited
SectorKaibab Forest
AreaTrader's Flat
If Felix sent you over here with some new plan to win me, don't bother. That man is loco! Last week, he gives me a poem, right? It's not even addressed to me! It's for some woman called Lina. And it's the worst poem I've ever read!
Mission-He thinks you're hot.
Mission-Actually, I have an Omnibus
MissionXNever mind.

Hot? I'm gonna show him hot. Hot under the collar! How dare he give me a poem that's written for another woman! A very, very bad poem.
Mission-He's scum. Forget him.
Mission-I'm sure there's an explanation.
MissionXNever mind.

I.. I will! Him and his little hoochie, Linda! I'm sorry. I'm very upset right now. Was there something else you needed?
Mission-Yes. I have an Omnibus.
MissionXNo. Never mind.

Ay dios amio! Here I am talking about my love life when you've got an Omnibus for me! This is very good news.
MissionXJust a second.

The Kaibab Omnibus
Mission-0/1 The Kaibab Omnibus

Give Lourdes Silva the Kaibab Omnibus
5 AP
You choose one of the following:
2x Standard Antibiotic
2x Salvaged Carbon Steel
2x Salvaged Ceramic



I'm going to personally take this to Repository for the Library there. That'll get me away from Felix for awhile.

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