The Missing Blade
StartCoral Berkeley
EndKerris the Blade
Rewards500 Experience
+300 Traveler Faction
ChainThe Missing Blade
The Blade is Key
The Divining Rod
Bodily Defense
Judgement Day (Alpha County)
Time LimitUnlimited
SectorAlpha County
The Missing Blade
Mission-Find the location
Mission-Deliver the items

Coral Berkeley wants you to search for her friend Kerris the Blade outside of Redemption.


Okay, already. You've got my attention. I've stopped what I was doing, happy now? I don't know why you've gotta bother a gal like me, just trying to make an honest living. I'm not like those Hounds, come out at night after Bambino's drunk himself under the table. That boy should be ashamed of himself for the shit that goes on under his nose.
Mission-You saying the Selvaggio Hounds live right here in Redemption?
MissionXNo thanks.

Well where the hell else would they live? I'm glad we've got such a discerning clone to shake us townfolk down. Good to know if I'm in for the big sleep, it was on the word of a genius like you. To hell with this godforsaken clan! To hell with it all!
Mission-I'm not here to get you killed. I just need answers.
Mission-You're starting to sound awfully guilty.

Okay, I'm sorry. I'm at my wit's end here. People here and there, they keep getting disappeared and no one wants to talk about it. The other day, Kerris, she was just gone. Left a note saying she was going to Desolation, god knows why. But you know what I think? I think the Hounds took her, and she ain't coming back.
MissionVI'll see if I can find her. She might have some information on the Hounds.
MissionXSucks for her, huh?

The Missing Blade
This must be what's left of Kerris. Her body's been entirely drained of blood, the skin wispy and translucent like a latex glove over bone. Why would the Selvaggio Hounds resort to such horrific methods? And why would they just dump the remains in such an open place? The body doesn't show any other signs of torture...
500 Experience
+300 Traveler Reputation

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