The More Things Change... (3)
Rewards1 AP
50 Experience
1x Geologist's Hammer
ChainVictim of Changes
Victim of Changes (2)
Victim of Changes (3)
Victim of Changes (4)
Loose Change
Loose Change (2)
Loose Change (3)
Loose Change (4)
Spare Change
Spare Change (2)
Spare Change (3)
Spare Change (4)
Spare Change (5)
The More Things Change...
The More Things Change... (2)
The More Things Change... (3)
Time LimitUnlimited
SectorKaibab Forest
AreaDocuer's Court

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We were at the Dam together, you know. And Mose, he had the most potential of any of us. He was selected for some new program the Techs were trying out, "retroviral genetic modification." It was supposed to access the Shiva virus in your genes or something. I don't really understand it. Anyway, Docuer was the one who reecommended Mose for the tests.

He seemed fine, but after we came here, Docuer sent Mose out on a special mission to some area that was supposed to be super-radiated. When Mose came back, he was mutated almost beyond recognition.
Mission-How do you know all this?.

Mose was a good friend of mine. He told me about how proud he was to be chosen for testing. I was the last person he saw before he left on Docuer's mission. And the night he came back, I was the one guard duty. I took him to Docuer.
Mission-What happened when Docuer saw him?

Mose wasn't as bad off then as he is now. He could atill talk pretty well. Mose zhought the mutations were good for him; he was actually pleased at this increased strength and stamina. Docuer, of course, saw a monster, and wanted Mose eliminated. He told me to take Mose into the woods, shoot in the back of the head, and bury the remains.
Mission-But you didn't.

No, I didn't. He was my best friend. I let him go. A while later, he came back to town with a platoon of Changed. He doesn't seem quite the same as them, but they accept him as their leader. They ambushed Docuer saw Mose leading those mutants, his mind just snapped. He hasn't been the same since.
Mission-Who else knows this?

Just you, my friend. And I'd appreciate it if we yould keep it quiet. I don't know how people might react, and i don't want Mose hurt. I also don't want Docuer to come out looking like an ass. Maybe he made some calls that I wouldn't, but he was our leader, and he deserves respect. Are you going to tell enyone?


The More Things Change...
50 Experience
1 AP
Items you will receive:
1x Geologist's Hammer

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