The Mutagen Theory
StartDistracted Theoretician
EndJeannie Bragg
Rewards60 Experience
100 Chips
Time LimitUnlimited
SectorKaibab Forest
Requirement(s)Level 35


The Mutagen Theory
Mission-Talk to Jeannie Bragg

The Distracted Theoretician in Chemtown wants you to go and talk to Jeannie Bragg about the Theoreticians' current project.



Greetings, wayfarer. Welcome to Chemtown! You have discovered a true mecca of insight and knowledge. We here in Chemtown strive to make the world a better place, through the acquisition of pure, blissful knowledge.
Mission-Really? EVERYONE in Chemtown is like you?
MissionXHmm. Don't care. Bye.

Well, not everyone. Only the important citizens -- those of us aligned with the Tech Theoreticians. Other Chemtown residents are, by and large, inconsequential.
Mission-That seems like a pretty elitist attitude.
MissionXWow, STILL don't care. See ya.

It is simply the truth. The Theoreticians are destined to be the salvation of the Province. Why, our current project promises to yield VOLUMES of invaluable information!
Mission-And what project is that?
MissionXI'll get back to you.

Near here there is a huge pool of radioactive, contaminated sludge. As we speak, top Theoreticians are building a machine which will siphon up all of the sludge, aerate it, and disperse it into the clouds. It will then rain down over a hundred-square kilometer area!
Mission-...Why the HELL would you want to do that?
MissionXHold that thought. I'll be back later.

Because it will cause the same kinds of mutations we see in the sludge pond, except on a much larger scale! The effect sample we've had up to this point was much too small. Now we'll be able to study the sludge's effects on a much, much larger population! Can you imagine all the data we'll collect?
Mission-But won't YOU get mutated too?
MissionXSorry, I don't want to get any crazy on me. See ya.

Oh, no, no, no. An Theoretician worth his or her salt has a top-notch hazmat suit. We'll be fine.
Mission-This is insane! I can't let you do this!
MissionXI'll get back to you in a bit.

Oh, pish tosh. Go and talk to Jeannie Bragg. You can file a complaint if you'd like.
Mission-You bet your ass I will!
MissionXScrewed you! I'm leaving.


Yes? Something I can do for you?
MissionXNot yet.


The Mutagen Theory
I'm sorry, I'm much too busy to devote time to petty complaints. Come back in...let's say three weeks.

<You hear a loud whisper from the back of the room. One of the three people at the table is trying to get your attention.>

Hey! You! Yeah, you with the collar! Come here!


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