The Mutant Threat
StartFlagstaff Freedom Newspaper
EndFrannie Twain
Rewards50 Experience
ChainThe Mutant Threat
The Mutant Threat (2)
The Mutant Threat (3)
The Mutant Threat (4)
Time LimitUnlimited
AreaNew Flagstaff
Requirement(s)Level 20


Mission-Talk to Frannie Twain

According to an article in the Flagstaff Freedom, there's a woman named Frannie Twain leading the local Human League group that's trying to eradicate mutants throughout the Grand Canyon Province. She wants help cleansing the land of their kind.



The newspaper box creaks open, revealing the latest edition of the Flagstaff Freedom
Mission-Top Headline: THE MUTANT THREAT!

NEW FLAGSTAFF, GRAND CANYON PROVINCE - The Union does what it can to protect us all. Our revered and honored leaders keep us safe from assaults by the Devil's Own bandits that plague the rest of the Northfields. But they need our help to deal with something even more dangerous: Mutants!

Frannie Twain, a local representative of the Human League, wants help from the readers of Flagstaff Freedom.
Mission-I want to look into this.


You want to kill some mutants? Excellent.
MissionVThat's right. Making the world a better place, one dead mutie at time.

The Mutant Threat
I'm glad you've taken an interest in cleansing the Grand Canyon Province of the mutant blight. It should be a profitable enterprise for us all.


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