The Northfields Omnibus
StartArchivist Wilton Salas
EndArchivist Wilton Salas
TypeRepeatable Mission
Mission ItemsThe Northfields Omnibus
Rewards5 AP
Choose one:
2x Ragged Aramex
2x Ragged Kevlar
2x Scrap Titanium
ChainThe Northfields Omnibus
The Northfields Omnibus (2)
Time LimitUnlimited
AreaNew Flagstaff
You need directions?
Mission-That is correct. Have I made myself clear?
Mission-Actually, I have an Omnibus for you.
MissionXNever Mind.

Huh. I'm surprised. That's the only reason anybody ever talks to me. "Where's the Post Office?" "Where's the Vault?" "Have you seen Inky Dodd lately?"
Mission-No, I don't want directions.
MissionXNever Mind.

What do I look like? A goddamn information booth?!
Mission-I don't really want directions.
MissionXNever mind.

Well, what then? You aren't a beggar, are you? Or a salesman? Did my ex-wife send you?
Mission-your ex-wife?
Mission-Actually, I have an Omnibus for you.
MissionXNever mind.

I knew it! That skank! You tell her Flash is mine, and I'm not giving him up to some evil bitch who acts more like a dog in heat than he does!
Mission-Actually, I have an Omnbus for you.
MissionXYou're nuts.

An Omnibus?! Well, why didn't you say so? Holy hell! Here I am thinking you're some kind of jerk-off come ruin my day like all the other jerk-offs in this town, and it turns out you're my new best friend!
MissionXYou're nuts.

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