The Plateau Omnibus
StartArchivist Chet Perkins
EndArchivist Chet Perkins
TypeAP Mission
Rewards5 AP
Choose one:
4x Impure Antiseptic
4x Weak Petroleum
4x Ragged Synthetic Cloth
ChainThe Plateau Omnibus
The Plateau Omnibus (2)
Time LimitUnlimited
AreaEmbry Crossroads


1. Obtain 1 The Plateau Omnibus

2. Return for your reward


Give Chet Perkins the Plateau Omnibus.


Archivist Chet Perkins: You looking for work? I need somebody to find me a can of squelch.

Player: A what?

Archivist Chet Perkins: A can of squelch. I'm trying to make a dune buggy, but I need more squelch. You wanna go find me some?

Player: Maybe.

Archivist Chet Perkins: I need a left-handed screwdriver, too. Think you can get me one of those?

Player: You're kidding.

Archivist Chet Perkins: No, no! I'm left-handed. How do you expect me to tightening the dune buggy screws without a left-handed screwdriver?

Player: Are you serious?

Archivist Chet Perkins: I dunno. Would you believe me if I said your picture is in the dictionary next to the word gullible?

Player: No.

Archivist Chet Perkins: Then, no. I'm not serious. So, was there something you needed?

Player: I have an Omnibus.

Archivist Chet Perkins: Liar. Nobody ever bothers to make a full Omnibus. They should, though. I pay out the ass for them.

Player: No, really. I have one.

Archivist Chet Perkins: Aw, c'mon! You're just pulling my leg. Look, I know I tried to get you with the can of squelch and all, but don't try to bullshit a bullshitter.

Player: I have it right here.

Archivist Chet Perkins: Holy shit! Really? You really made an Omnibus? Bound and everything? Because it's got to be bound up first.

Player: It's bound.

Archivist Chet Perkins: Oh my God. You know how rare it is for me to see one of these? Maybe once in six months, sometimes less. Hey, listen. I'm sorry about the teasing. If I'd know you had an Omnibus, I wouldn't have ribbed you.


So, you want it?


Archivist Chet Perkins: Wow. I sure am glad I didn't convince you to go looking for that box of rumpus.

Player: You mean can of squelch?

Archivist Chet Perkins: Whatever. They're both fake. The Omnibus is real. You ready to hand it over?


Here you go.


You really weren't kidding, were you? You deserve this reward.

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