The Renegade Reuben II
StartMark Mills
EndMark Mills
Mission ItemsMark Mill's Rations
Rewards1 AP
500 Experience
ChainRamblin' Man 1
Ramblin' Man 2
Ramblin' Man 3
The Renegade Reuben
The Renegade Reuben II
Time LimitUnlimited


Deliver rations to Mark


Return Mark's rations to the campsite near Pump House Road.


There are many kinds of rodent-borne diseases. Some are contracted simply by being in the affected area. I don't think this situations quite that dire, but I'm not stupid enough to hunt game here or drink any ground water. This is going to sound a bit off, but I could swear there's a ration thief in our midst. The sandwiches we packed have gone missing from the camp. I'd know if they'd been eaten, but where else could they have gone? Sandwiches don't just get up and walk away. We'll need to leave tomorrow if we can't find them.
MissionVTell me more.


The Renegade Reuben II
You found it? Oh, food's still here! They're still wrapped and everything?! What luck! I really appreciate this. I wasn't too keen on hurrying out of here by tomorrow, but we just wouldn't have had the rations if you hadn't found this.


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