Group Mission IconThe Truth, in Smoke (Lightbearer) (2)
StartAcolyte Timothy
EndAcolyte Timothy
TypeRepeatable Mission
Group Mission
Mission ItemsJudges' Scriptures
Rewards70 Experience
1x Chapter of the Vulgate Judicare
1x Supply Chest
ChainThe Truth, in Smoke (Lightbearer)
The Truth, in Smoke (Lightbearer) (2)
Time LimitUnlimited
SectorKaibab Forest
AreaPark City
Requirement(s)Level 45

The Truth, in Smoke (Lightbearer)
Mission-0/1 Judges' Scriptures
Mission-Return for your reward

Steal copies of the Vulgate Judicare from the Judge camps near Park City.


The Judges are just normal people who have been misled into malice and misguided zeal. The Vulgate, their vile "holy" text, is nothing but a lie, though none of them can see that now. We need to break their power throughout the Province and save as man lives as we can. They have several copies of the Vulgate in their camps; every copy that we destroy will win the favor of Park City.
MissionVTell me more.
MissionXNo thanks.

The Truth, in Smoke (Lightbearer)
When we hurl this stack of lies into the flames, it will be a noble deed. I am sure, however, that there are more copies remaining to mislead the naive.
70 Experience
Items you will receive:
1x Chapter of the Vulgate Judicare
1x Supply Chest

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