The Truth Lies Within
StartFranklin Grimes
EndUpon reaching the waypoint
Rewards500 Experience
ChainThe Truth Lies Within
The Devil You Know
The Truth Lies Within (2)
A Pound of Flesh
The Truth Lies Within (3)
Thirst for Knowledge
The Truth Lies Within (4)
Code of Honor
Crucial Announcement
Crucial Announcement (2)
Time LimitUnlimited
Requirement(s)Level 2


Find the location


The Truth Lies Within
Franklin Grimes wants you to follow his directions and observe several locations inside the Terance LifeNet bunker.



Hurry! Hurry and go inside! He needs your help!
Mission-What? Who needs my help? And who the hell are you, for that matter?

My name is Grimes. Franklin Grimes. And I have seen the truth.
Mission-The truth, huh? And what truth is that?

TETRAX is the truth! TETRAX IS ALL! He crouches inside the complex here, burning to let his truth flood out upon the world!
Mission-You realize, you couldn't sound ANY crazier if you tried.

Do not judge me, lest TETRAX judge you! Here...take this! I have written down the pathways of the mind. Go inside! Absorb his greatness! Bask in the glory that is TETRAX! ..Plus, y'know, there's some valuable junk in there, too.

(Grimes presses a stained, creased scrap of paper into your hand.)
MissionVWith a sales pitch like that, how could I resist?


The Truth Lies Within
(You reach the first location on Grimes' list. He has included notes on things to observe during the guided tour.)

Take note of the beauty and perfect grace of the cool steel walls! Observe the delicate nature of the screen that blinks and flashes, and blinks some more! This is the most important screen you will ever see. You must witness the screen!


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