The Truth about CoGs
StartGeoffrey Baylor
EndGeoffrey Baylor
Rewards50 Experience
ChainGuns of Heaven
The Truth about CoGs
The Truth about CoGs (2)
The Truth about CoGs (3)
Kingman Bound
Lost and Found
Incident at Pass Chris
Incident at Pass Chris (2)
Army Training, Sir!
Army Training, Sir! (2)
Army Training, Sir! (3)
Army Training, Sir! (4)
Army Training, Sir! (5)
Escape from Pinkston
The Watchtower Code
The Watchtower Code (2)
Time LimitUnlimited
AreaEmbry Crossroads


1. Observe the Street Preacher

2. Return for your reward


Observe the Found street preacher for thirty seconds.


Geoffrey Baylor: Look, I don't know why all these CoG bastards keep sending people to talk to me. I mean, yeah, okay, I helped out some of the Found at one point, but that's hardly reason enough to freakin' adopt me, or whatever it is they think they've done.

Player: So you're not a CoG?

Geoffrey Baylor: Hell no! I'm just an honest citizen, trying to put food on the table like everybody else.

Player: Then who are the CoGs, and the Found?

Geoffrey Baylor: They''s all...okay, let me back up. It'll be easier if you get a look at some of them first. There's a street preacher, one of the Found, that holds court out on the street down that way. Go and take a listen, then come back and I'll tell you more.


Yeah, okay. If you think it'll help.


Geoffrey Baylor: Finished?




Get a good gander at 'em? Yeah, well, that's just the tip of the iceberg.

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