The Written Word
StartJudge Kraig Menser
EndJudge Kraig Menser
TypeGroup Mission
Mission ItemsVulgate Judicare
Rewards500 Experience
100 Chips
Time LimitUnlimited
AreaEmbry Crossroads
Requirement(s)Level 3


1. Obtain the Vulgate Judicare

2. Return for your reward


Judge Kraig Menser in Embry Crossroads wants you to retrieve a copy of the Vulgate Judicare from the Blade Dancers at Junk Fortress.


Judge Kraig Menser: I have a task for you, child. The evil Blade Dancers have stolen one of our most valuable relics -- a copy of the Vulgate Judicare written by the blessed hand of Sarah herself. One of our brothers was bringing the sacred text here when he was attacked by those filthy heathens and the sacred text was stolen.

I doubt they even know what they have, and God knows what they are using it for. I can only hope that it is still intact somewhere amongst their filth. I need you to go to Junk Fortress and recover that text for us.

You might want to take friends with you. Blade Dancers are swarming around that place like flies on shit.


Judge Kraig Menser:

Have you found the sacred writings?


Excellent! The Judges are most grateful for your service.

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