Three Paths
StartWei Zhu
EndSister Alatea
Rewards50 Experience
ChainThree Paths
Three Paths (2)
Three Paths (3)
Three Paths (4)
And a Fourth.
Time LimitUnlimited


Speak with Sister Alatea


Wei Zhu has sent you to speak with Sister Alatea.


I'm so pleased you're here. You've heard the call to join us?
Mission-I have.

If you've spoken with Bearer Astai in North Burb, you already know something of our purposes. I'd like to share more of our history.
Mission-I'm ready to listen.

The Lightbearers were founded by a woman called Shakti. She was a mutant herself, created and enhanced to serve as a weapon for GlobalTech and Alex Masters. Shakti was the first test subject to survive their experiments. She was the perfect soldier, strong and fact, with exceptionally acute senses. She also developed telepathy, telekinesis, and the ability to heal herself and others.
Mission-What happened to her?

Let it suffice to say that rather than serve as a weapon, Shakti chose to help bring light into the world by teaching and helping others. She was killed when Alec Masters raided the monastery, but the Lightbearers carry on her work. There are healers, teachers, and warriors among us today. You should speak to one of each.
Mission-Where should I start?

First speak with Sister Alatea. She is a healer, a Serpent-Bearer. She can help you from there.
Mission!I'll do that.


Yes, I can speak with you.

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