Three Paths (3)
StartBrother Adlai
EndBearer Rinzen
Rewards50 Experience
ChainThree Paths
Three Paths (2)
Three Paths (3)
Three Paths (4)
And a Fourth.
Time LimitUnlimited


Speak with Bearer Rinzen


Brother Adlai of the Sun and Moon has sent you to speak with Bearer Rinzen of the Golden Lamp.


I can't tell you everything about the Sun and Moon; understand that.
Mission-What can you tell me?

We are fighters, of course, but not every Lightbearer who carries a sword is one of us. We study techniques that focus the mind to improve what the body can do. If you want to learn more you will have to prove yourself. We don't share our secrets with everyone.
Mission-How do I do that?

It will take time. Work with us and get to know us. There are plenty of things to be done around Haven.
Mission-Who should I talk to next?

Go find Bearer Rinzen of the Golden Lamp. He's probably meditating.
Mission-I'll do that.


And here you are.

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