Threshing Wheat From Chaff
StartThresh Slade
EndThresh Slade
Rewards500 Experience
80 Chips
Time LimitUnlimited
AreaRest Stop


1. Obtain 7 Scrap Wood

2. Return for your reward


Thresh Slade in Rest Stop wants you to bring him some scrap wood.


Thresh Slade:

Before Old Fred died from his wounds, he said the miners had somehow released hem from a new tunnel down in the mines. What the hell would an army of clones be doing down there? The entire mining team was overrun, and we townsfolk completely panicked in the chaos. I think the few of us in here might be the last survivors. We need some supplies to help hold out against the rotters. Find us some firewood, and I'll give you whatever we got left.


This is great. Poo Jimmy over there got a nasty bite on his arm fighting a rotter, and he's had the shakes for days now. Sitting him next to a fire might help break the fever.

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