To a Man's Heart
StartJewel LeTupac
EndJewel LeTupac
Mission ItemsWolf Meat
Rewards500 Experience
ChainTo a Man's Heart
Wolf Meat Love Letter
Time LimitUnlimited
AreaLeTupac Farm


1. Obtain 5 Wolf Meat

2. Return for your reward


Get some wolf meat for Jewel LeTupac at the farm northeast of Dunsinane Tunnel.


Jewel LeTupac:

Oh, hello, I...I didn't see you there. I'm just so distracted... Do you think I might... oh, I can't seem to get my thoughts together! My true love, Rio Geaumont, simply will not leave my mind! Yet his mother hates me so. She accuses me of stealing her chickens, can you believe that? And I enver take more than one a month, two at the very most! I just HAVE to see him, though, and let him know I still love him! Could you do something for me? Rio's favorite dish in the whol wide world is Wold Meat Stew. Could you go and skin some wolves, and get some wolf meat for me, so I can cook up a nice big pot of it for him?


Oh, this is perfect! I can whip this up in no time at all now!

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